Chris is a highly accomplished writer-director who has shot feature films, TV commercials, music videos and brand centred productions all over the world. Every production is important to Chris, small or large as he crafts impactful visuals and arresting, human performances. He is down to earth, yet creative and simultaneously recognises commercial realities and opportunities.

For the last three years he’s spent a lot of time in Mumbai, India where he is writing and directing films as part of a business model that will sell productions into the Indian market and then generate further profit with Western audiences. Productions such as The Lunch Box 2014 which cost approximately £1million to produce but took £15million in worldwide sales, serve as a striking example of why he believes in this venture. These productions typically have deeply humanitarian values. Please check out the Bagheera section of this site for a taste of this venture.

Chris is a seasoned traveller and has visited some very remote parts of the world. He holds Australian and British passports and is also a fine artist who paints in oil.