Christopher R. Watson: BA Fine Arts, BA Media Studies 1st

Chris is an experienced writer-director who has shot feature films, TV commercials, music videos and brand centred productions all over the world. He is recognised for his ability to create detailed, emotional performances and arresting visuals.

Over the last four years Chris has spent a lot of time in Mumbai, India where he is writing and directing films for the Indian market. These productions are also designed to resonate with Western audiences. Films such as The Lunch Box, 2014, which cost approximately £1.5 million to produce but collected £12million in worldwide sales, serve as a striking example of why he believes in this venture.

Remarkably, his proof of concept film, Bagheera, is a 20 minute thriller shot entirely in Hindi language. With a power-house female lead, Bagheera is blind-siding festival audiences with the dynamic intensity of Chris’s directorial voice, fuelled by Indian cultural nuances. The film serves as a striking example of what is possible in terms of commercial co-production in India. Further information is available at

Chris is well-seasoned traveller who has explored many countries and holds Australian and British passports. He is also an accomplished fine artist working in oils.