17 Minute Film in Hindi

Bagheera is the sassy leader of an Indian girl scout troop that meet on the outskirts of Mumbai. After a presentation with her pack one evening, she is abducted and groomed as the plaything of a cruel assailant. Bagheera employs the many skills she has acquired from her years of Girl Scout training to escape, but on realising that her disturbed aggressor will strike again, she summons the determination and creativity to bring his sleazy enterprise to an explosive end.

Produced in partnership with Sakar and Dhwani Raut, Bagheera is an inter-cultural collaboration that suggests the team possesses a bold new story-telling voice, emphasising female empowerment.

As the film has not yet started to participate in international festivals, a full, open download of Bagheera is not yet publicly available. If you represent a professional interest in Bagheera, email me and I’ll provide a private link. chris@chrisrwatson.com