Goddess of Luck

GODDESS OF LUCK is Chris’s next feature film production to be shot in India, early 2018. The project is part of a highly commercial production strategy that Chris and business partner, Sakar Raut have been building for the last two years and utilises two specific aspects of Indian production:

  1. Highly polished films can be produced in India very economically.
  2. The theatrical release of the finished film in India is guaranteed as a part of the business plan, made possible because of the specific way in which theatrical exhibition works in India and our track record with key people in the industry.

Aligning with the success that films such as THE LUNCH BOX and MARIGOLD HOTEL I&II, Sakar and Chris are currently seeking support from both Indian and Western investors in this opportunity. A full business plan is available for investors and distributors enthusiastic to inquire about participation.

Sakar and Chris are currently completing post production in London on BAGHEERA. A magnificent, 20 minute Hindi film that will begin participation in international film festivals this year. As a proof of concept work, this film give is a clear indicator of the quality and appeal their team can achieve with a larger production.

SYNOPSIS FOR GODDESS OF LUCK. Inspired by the the true story of a talented young wicket keeper playing for the national women’s team. She’s so good that she is often asked to play for the mens side and encounters the best and worst of her male counterparts who are both impressed and threatened by her talent. Life plummets for our charming heroin when she marries into a family that treat her like a slave. By focussing on the small, miraculous things around her, she keeps her soul alive and eventually finds her way back to happiness. This richly uplifting film illuminates many of the injustices that women in India live with every day. A contemporary Cinderella story told with poetic vision, women and men the world over will relate to themes of gender prejudice and morality that this film raises.

Goddess of Luck

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